DP111 | The Estimation of Linear Models with Future Rational Expectations by Efficient and Instrumental Variable Methods


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This paper considers the estimation of a number of commonly used single-equation linear models, all of which have rationally expected future explanatory variables. Fully efficient and less efficient instrumental variable estimators are proposed in each case. The choice of estimation method is usually represented as a trade-off between efficiency on the one hand and robustness and computational convenience on the other. It is shown in this paper that there is a more fundamental issue which must influence the choice of estimator, namely the type of solution that the model possesses. The construction of an efficient estimation method depends on whether or not the model has a unique solution and often this will not be known a priori. Preliminary estimation by instrumental variable methods can be used to resolve this question. Various tests are proposed in the paper. Whiteman's solution method is used to determine the types of solution that are possible for each model. It is shown how these solutions can be written as both backwards and forwards solutions and the parameter restrictions which are required to obtain unique solutions.