New Perspectives on Interwar Financial and Banking Crises

Date: Monday 29th Jun 2020 - Monday 29th Jun 2020 

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Location: 33 Great Sutton St, London, EC1V 0DX, United Kingdom 


Collaborating Institutes: École d'Économie de Paris, École d'Économie de Paris 

We are very sorry to have to cancel the conference this summer. Depending on what happens in the next months, it might be an online seminar with a restricted number of papers, or a full conference in Paris in the winter. We will keep you posted in early June about our plan.

The recent global financial crisis has sparked renewed interest in the interwar financial and banking crises, particularly those associated with the Great Depression of the 1930s. This new wave of research has been supported by an unprecedented increase in the digitisation of monetary and financial statistics as well as data on local economic activity and businesses. The digitisation of newspapers, central bank and parliamentary reports in several countries improves access to archival sources, opening new perspectives on the political economy of these crises.

Remarkable progress has been made in our understanding of domestic or international financial contagion (through interbank networks), as well as the real effects of banking crises. However, this new wave of research has remained little comparative, and most of the work has focused on the contagion and consequences of the 1930-1931 banking troubles.

The first objective of this conference is to be truly comparative by bringing together researchers working on numerous different countries. The second is to extend the scope of the analysis by considering the entire period between the two world wars. We are very interested in articles that attempt to explain the financial vulnerabilities of the early 1930s by examining the accumulation of risk (and the first financial crises) that started in the aftermath of the First World War. Third, the conference aims to examine the entire financial system, investigating the relationships between stock markets, banks and non-bank financial institutions (including public financial entities). Fourth, we also welcome papers that study how financial and banking systems were fixed in countries exiting crises.

Paper submission

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Location: Paris School of Economics, 48 Boulevard Jourdan, Paris, France

Organisers: Eric Monnet (PSE, EHESS, CEPR) and Angelo Riva (EBS, PSE)

Scientific Committee:
Olivier Accominotti (LSE and CEPR),
Stéphanie Collet (SAFE, Frankfurt),
Natacha Postel-Vinay (LSE and CEPR),
Gary Richardson (UC Irvine),
Tobias Straumann (University of Zurich)

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