4th Bank of Italy CEPR Labour workshop

Date: Thursday 09th Sep 2021 - Friday 10th Sep 2021 

Programme Areas: LE 

Location: online, Time zone, CEST, Italy 

Collaborating Institutes: Banca d'Italia, Banca d'Italia 

4th Bank of Italy – CEPR Labour workshop
Hosted by the Bank of Italy, Rome  9-10 September 2021

Francesco D’Amuri (Bank of Italy), Marta De Philippis (Bank of Italy), Thomas Le Barbanchon (Bocconi University and CEPR), Marco Manacorda (Queen Mary University of London and CEPR) and Claudio Michelacci (EIEF and CEPR)


The 4th Bank of Italy-CEPR Labour workshop will take place online on 9-10 September 2021.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together leading and emerging labour economists.

To register to attend the workshop please email bdicepr_conf@bancaditalia.it

Keynote Speakers:
Oriana Bandiera (London School of Economics and CEPR)
Stephane Bonhomme (University of Chicago)
Emi Nakamura (University of California Berkeley)
Gianluca Violante (Princeton University and CEPR)
In order to foster the desired interaction, participants are required to stay for the entire duration of the conference. The programme will start on Thursday morning (9th) and end on Friday afternoon (10th).