Wouter Dessein

Discussion Papers

DP9019 24 June 2012 Incomplete Contracts and Firm Boundaries: New Directions
Author(s): Wouter Dessein
DP7970 08 August 2010 Pandering to Persuade
Author(s): Wouter Dessein, Yeon-Koo Che, Navin Kartik
DP6168 09 March 2007 Why a Group Needs a Leader: Decision-making and Debate in Committees.
Author(s): Wouter Dessein
DP6019 07 January 2007 Organizing for Synergies
Author(s): Robert Gertner, Luis Garicano, Wouter Dessein
DP5802 30 August 2006 When Does Coordination Require Centralization?
Author(s): Niko Matouschek, Wouter Dessein, Ricardo Alonso