Jean-Robert Tyran

Discussion Papers

DP13985 05 September 2019 Civic Engagement as a Second-Order Public Good: The Cooperative Underpinnings of the Accountable State
Author(s): Kenju Kamei, Louis Putterman, Jean-Robert Tyran
DP13773 01 June 2019 Disincentives from Redistribution: Evidence on a Dividend of Democracy
Author(s): Rupert Sausgruber, Axel Sonntag, Jean-Robert Tyran
DP11643 17 November 2016 Money Illusion and Household Finance
Author(s): Jean-Robert Tyran, Thomas A. Stephens
DP11622 10 November 2016 Voter Motivation and the Quality of Democratic Choice
Author(s): Jean-Robert Tyran, Lydia Mechtenberg
DP9953 27 April 2014 The Price of Prejudice
Author(s): Jean-Robert Tyran, Morten Hedegaard


Policy Insights

28 June 2007 Can Markets Be Trusted?
Author(s): Jean-Robert Tyran, Steffen Huck