José Tavares

Discussion Papers

DP14090 31 October 2019 Extracting Implicit Country Weights in ECB’s Monetary Policy
Author(s): Márcia Pereira, José Tavares
DP13989-2 30 September 2019 Extreme Temperature and Extreme Violence across Age and Gender: Evidence from Russia
Author(s): Olga Popova, Vladimir Otrachshenko, José Tavares
DP13991 12 September 2019 Can ATMs Get Out the Vote? Evidence from a Nationwide Field Experiment
Author(s): João Pereira dos Santos, José Tavares, Pedro C Vicente
DP13990 12 September 2019 The War Next Door and the Reds are Coming: The Spanish Civil War and the Portuguese Stock Market
Author(s): Diogo Leitão, Jaime Pereira, João Pereira dos Santos, José Tavares
DP13294 02 November 2018 CEO Performance in Severe Crises: The Role of Newcomers
Author(s): Sharmin Sazedj, Joao Amador, José Tavares