Armin Falk

Discussion Papers

DP13056 16 July 2018 Narratives, Imperatives, and Moral Reasoning
Author(s): Roland Benabou, Armin Falk, Jean Tirole
DP11006 20 December 2015 The Nature and Predictive Power of Preferences: Global Evidence
Author(s): Armin Falk, Thomas J Dohmen, Uwe Sunde, David Huffman, Benjamin Enke, Anke Becker
DP10621 24 May 2015 Learning about Job Search: A Field Experiment with Job Seekers in Germany
Author(s): Armin Falk, Steffen Altmann, Florian Zimmermann, Simon Jäger
DP10303 14 December 2014 Defaults and Donations: Evidence from a Field Experiment
Author(s): Paul Heidhues, Armin Falk, Raji Jayaraman, Steffen Altmann
DP9522 23 June 2013 Organizations, Diffused Pivotality and Immoral Outcomes
Author(s): Armin Falk, Nora Szech