Paul Heidhues

Discussion Papers

DP12988 12 June 2018 Behavioral Industrial Organization
Author(s): Paul Heidhues, Botond Köszegi
DP10634 31 May 2015 Strategic Experimentation with Private Payoffs
Author(s): Sven Rady, Paul Heidhues, Philipp Strack
DP10303 14 December 2014 Defaults and Donations: Evidence from a Field Experiment
Author(s): Paul Heidhues, Armin Falk, Raji Jayaraman, Steffen Altmann
DP6815 25 May 2008 Other-Regarding Preferences in General Equilibrium
Author(s): Georg Kirchsteiger, Paul Heidhues, Frank Riedel, Martin Dufwenberg, Joel Sobel
DP4995 23 April 2005 Equilibria in a Dynamic Global Game: The Role of Cohort Effects
Author(s): Paul Heidhues, Nicolas Melissas