Carlo Carraro

Discussion Papers

DP3299 20 April 2002 Back to Kyoto? US Participation and the Linkage Between R&D and Climate Cooperation
Author(s): Carlo Carraro, Barbara Buchner, Igor Cersosimo, Carmen Marchiori
DP3239 20 March 2002 On the Consequences of the US Withdrawal from the Kyoto/Bonn Protocol
Author(s): Carlo Carraro, Barbara Buchner, Igor Cersosimo
DP3258 20 March 2002 Stable Coalitions
Author(s): Carlo Carraro, Carmen Marchiori
DP2890 26 July 2001 Science versus Profit in Research: Lessons from the Human Genome Project
Author(s): Carlo Carraro, Domenico Siniscalco, Alessandra Pomè
DP2514 25 July 2000 Emission Trading Restrictions with Endogenous Technological Change
Author(s): Carlo Carraro, Marzio Galeotti, Paolo Buonanno, Efrem Castelnuovo