Marco Pagano

Discussion Papers

DP2275 30 November 1999 Legal Determinants of the Return on Equity
Author(s): Marco Pagano, Davide Lombardo
DP2276 30 November 1999 Law and Equity Markets: A Simple Model
Author(s): Marco Pagano, Davide Lombardo
DP2184 28 June 1999 Information Sharing, Lending and Defaults: Cross-Country Evidence
Author(s): Marco Pagano, Tullio Jappelli
DP1332 29 February 1996 Why Do Companies Go Public? An Empirical Analysis
Author(s): Marco Pagano, Luigi Zingales, Fabio Panetta
DP1295 31 January 1996 Endogenous Communication Among Lenders and Entrepreneurial Incentives
Author(s): Atilano Jorge Padilla, Marco Pagano