Viral V Acharya

Discussion Papers

DP8706 01 December 2011 Are Banks Passive Liquidity Backstops? Deposit Rates and Flows during the 2007-2009 Crisis
Author(s): Viral V Acharya, Nada Mora
DP8668 01 November 2011 Sovereign debt, government myopia, and the financial sector
Author(s): Raghuram G Rajan, Viral V Acharya
DP7327 14 June 2009 Limits to Arbitrage and Hedging: Evidence from Commodity Markets
Author(s): Viral V Acharya, Tarun Ramadorai, Lars Lochstoer
DP7242 29 March 2009 Corporate Governance and Value Creation: Evidence from Private Equity
Author(s): Viral V Acharya, Conor Kehoe, Moritz Hahn
DP7210 08 March 2009 The Internal Governance of Firms
Author(s): Stewart C Myers, Raghuram G Rajan, Viral V Acharya