Viral V Acharya

Discussion Papers

DP7164 09 February 2009 A Theory of Systemic Risk and Design of Prudential Bank Regulation
Author(s): Viral V Acharya
DP7171 09 February 2009 Labor Laws and Innovation
Author(s): Viral V Acharya, Krishnamurthy Subramanian, Ramin Baghai
DP7147 28 January 2009 A Theory of Slow-Moving Capital and Contagion
Author(s): Hyun Song Shin, Viral V Acharya, Tanju Yorulmazer
DP7148 28 January 2009 Private Equity vs. PLC Boards: A Comparison of Practices and Effectiveness - Summary of Research Findings
Author(s): Viral V Acharya, Conor Kehoe, Michael Reyner
DP7122 23 January 2009 Rollover Risk and Market Freezes
Author(s): Douglas M Gale, Viral V Acharya, Tanju Yorulmazer