Jacques-François Thisse

Discussion Papers

DP14045 08 October 2019 How do trade and communication costs shape the spatial organization of firms?
Author(s): Toshitaka Gokan, Sergey Kichko, Jacques-François Thisse
DP13638 01 April 2019 New Economic Geography and the City
Author(s): Carl Gaigné, Jacques-François Thisse
DP13568 04 March 2019 On the Economics of Science Parks
Author(s): Wen-Jung Liang, Chao-Cheng Mai, Jacques-François Thisse, Ping Wang
DP13181 16 September 2018 About the Origin of Cities
Author(s): André de Palma, Yorgos Y. Papageorgiou, Jacques-François Thisse, Philip Ushchev
DP12367 12 October 2017 On the Dilution of Market Power
Author(s): Mathieu Parenti, Philip Ushchev, Jacques-François Thisse, Sergey Kokovin