Costas Meghir

Discussion Papers

DP14240 23 December 2019 Earnings Dynamics and Firm-Level Shocks
Author(s): Benjamin Friedrich, Lisa Laun, Costas Meghir, Luigi Pistaferri
DP10733 26 July 2015 Long Term Impacts of Vouchers for Vocational Training: Experimental Evidence for Colombia
Author(s): Costas Meghir, Orazio Attanasio, Arlen Guarín, Carlos Medina
DP10527 05 April 2015 Decentralizing Education Resources: School Grants in Senegal
Author(s): Costas Meghir, Pedro Carneiro, Oswald Koussihouèdé, Nathalie Lahire, Corina Mommaerts
DP6505 05 October 2007 Maternal Education, Home Environments and the Development of Children and Adolescents
Author(s): Costas Meghir, Pedro Carneiro, Matthias Parey
DP6187 16 March 2007 Wage Risk and Employment Risk Over the Life Cycle
Author(s): Costas Meghir, Luigi Pistaferri, Hamish Low