Dirk Niepelt

Discussion Papers

DP14791 21 May 2020 Tractable Epidemiological Models for Economic Analysis
Author(s): Dirk Niepelt, Martin Gonzalez-Eiras
DP14612 14 April 2020 On the Optimal "Lockdown" During an Epidemic
Author(s): Martin Gonzalez-Eiras, Dirk Niepelt
DP13778 04 June 2019 On the Equivalence of Private and Public Money
Author(s): Markus Brunnermeier, Dirk Niepelt
DP13065 21 July 2018 Reserves For All? Central Bank Digital Currency, Deposits, and their (Non)-Equivalence
Author(s): Dirk Niepelt
DP12755 26 February 2018 Financial Policy
Author(s): Dirk Niepelt