Jaime Melo

Discussion Papers

DP13997 16 September 2019 Climate Change, Inequality, and Human Migration
Author(s): Michal Burzynski, Christoph Deuster, Frédéric Docquier, Jaime Melo
DP13320 16 November 2018 Barriers to trade in environmental goods: How Important they are and what should developing countries expect from their removal
Author(s): Jaime Melo, Jean-Marc Solleder
DP12743 21 February 2018 How Much Market Access? A Case study of Jordan’s Exports to the EU
Author(s): Jaime Melo, Stéphanie Brunelin, Alberto Portugal
DP11781 14 January 2017 Moving on Towards a Workable Climate Regime
Author(s): Jaime Melo
DP10598 17 May 2015 Regional integration in Africa: Challenges and prospects
Author(s): Jaime Melo, Yvonne Tsikata


Books & Reports

30 September 1999 Migration: the Controversies and the Evidence
Author(s): Riccardo Faini, Klaus F Zimmermann, Jaime Melo
29 July 1993 New Dimensions in Regional Integration
Author(s): Jaime Melo, Arvind Panagariya