Michael Burda

Discussion Papers

DP12096 15 June 2017 Social Security Contributions and the Business Cycle
Author(s): Michael Burda, Anna Almosova, Simon Voigts
DP12087 11 June 2017 Non-Work at Work, Unemployment and Labor Productivity
Author(s): Michael Burda, Daniel S. Hamermesh, Katie R. Genadek
DP12082 09 June 2017 Total Factor Productivity Convergence in German States since Reunification: Evidence and Explanations
Author(s): Michael Burda, Battista Severgnini
DP10712 12 July 2015 Not Working At Work: Loafing, Unemployment and Labor Productivity
Author(s): Daniel S. Hamermesh, Michael Burda, Katie R. Genadek
DP8520 01 August 2011 What Explains the German Labor Market Miracle in the Great Recession?
Author(s): Michael Burda, Jennifer Hunt


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