Michael Burda

Discussion Papers

DP7984 01 September 2010 Payroll Taxes, Social Insurance and Business Cycles
Author(s): Michael Burda, Mark Weder
DP7990 01 September 2010 Solow Residuals without Capital Stocks
Author(s): Michael Burda, Battista Severgnini
DP7166 09 February 2009 Unemployment, Market Work and Household Production
Author(s): Daniel S. Hamermesh, Michael Burda
DP6226 28 March 2007 Sectoral Transformation, Turbulence, and Labour Market Dynamics in Germany
Author(s): Michael Burda, Ronald Bachmann
DP6232 28 March 2007 Total Work, Gender and Social Norms
Author(s): Daniel S. Hamermesh, Michael Burda, Philippe Weil