Carsten Eckel

Discussion Papers

DP11727 30 December 2016 Credit constraints, endogenous innovations, and price setting in international trade
Author(s): Carsten Eckel, Florian Unger
DP11695 07 December 2016 CATs and DOGs
Author(s): Carsten Eckel, Raymond Riezman
DP11049 17 January 2016 Testing The Core-Competency Model Of Multi-Product Exporters
Author(s): Peter Neary, Beata Javorcik, Carsten Eckel, Leonardo Iacovone
DP10574 03 May 2015 Multi-product Offshoring
Author(s): Carsten Eckel, Michael Irlacher
DP8784 01 January 2012 The Dilemma of Labor Unions: Local Objectives vs. Global Bargaining
Author(s): Carsten Eckel, Hartmut Egger