Erik Eyster

Discussion Papers

DP11020 20 December 2015 An Experiment on Social Mislearning
Author(s): Matthew Rabin, Erik Eyster, Georg Weizsäcker
DP10629 31 May 2015 Financial Markets where Traders Neglect the Informational Content of Prices
Author(s): Dimitri Vayanos, Matthew Rabin, Erik Eyster
DP10286 07 December 2014 The Curse of Inflation
Author(s): Erik Eyster, Kristóf Madarász, Pascal Michaillat
DP7351 05 July 2009 Rational and Naive Herding
Author(s): Matthew Rabin, Erik Eyster
DP6278 04 May 2007 The Distributional Consequences of Diversity-Enhancing University Admissions Rules
Author(s): Erik Eyster, Jimmy Chan