Dirk Hackbarth

Discussion Papers

DP12732 18 February 2018 Does the Potential to Merge Reduce Competition?
Author(s): Dirk Hackbarth, Bart Taub
DP12588 13 January 2018 Optimal Short-Termism
Author(s): Dirk Hackbarth, Alejandro Rivera, Tak-Yuen Wong
DP12441 15 November 2017 Inflexibility and Stock Returns
Author(s): Dirk Hackbarth, Lifeng Gu, Tim Johnson
DP12289 10 September 2017 Corporate Debt Maturity Profiles
Author(s): Josef Zechner, Jaewon Choi, Dirk Hackbarth
DP10660 21 June 2015 Asymmetric information, security design, and the pecking (dis)order
Author(s): Paolo Fulghieri, Dirk Hackbarth, Diego Garcia