Sarah Smith

Discussion Papers

DP15535 09 December 2020 Altruism born of suffering? The impact of an adverse health shock on pro-social behaviour
Author(s): Nicole Black, Elaine De Gruyter, Dennis Petrie, Sarah Smith
DP15034 13 July 2020 Women in economics: A UK Perspective
Author(s): Almudena Sevilla, Sarah Smith
DP14804 24 May 2020 Baby steps: The gender division of childcare during the COVID19 pandemic
Author(s): Almudena Sevilla, Sarah Smith
DP12338 27 September 2017 Lift and Shift: The Effect of Fundraising Interventions in Charity Space and Time
Author(s): Sarah Smith, Kimberley Scharf, Mark Wilhelm
DP11333 15 June 2016 Relational Altruism and Giving in Social Groups
Author(s): Kimberley Scharf, Sarah Smith