Romain Rancière

Discussion Papers

DP13855 12 July 2019 The Transmission of Shocks in EndogenousFinancial Networks: A Structural Approach
Author(s): Romain Rancière, Amine Ouazad, Jonas Heipertz
DP13689 23 April 2019 Market Frictions, Arbitrage, and the Capitalization of Amenities
Author(s): Amine Ouazad, Romain Rancière
DP13366 05 December 2018 Media Sentiment and International Asset Prices
Author(s): Samuel Fraiberger, Do Lee, Damien PUY, Romain Rancière
DP12252 29 August 2017 Sovereign Bond Prices, Haircuts and Maturity
Author(s): Romain Rancière, Dirk Niepelt, Tamon Asonuma
DP12134 07 July 2017 Balance-Sheet Diversification in General Equilibrium: Identification and Network Effects
Author(s): Romain Rancière, Jonas Heipertz, Amine Ouazad, Natacha Valla