Tullio Jappelli

Discussion Papers

DP5272 23 October 2005 Searching for Non-Monotonic Effects of Fiscal Policy: New Evidence
Author(s): Francesco Giavazzi, Marco Pagano, Tullio Jappelli, Marina Benedetti
DP4882 23 January 2005 Retirement Expectations, Pension Reforms and Their Effect on Private Wealth Accumulation
Author(s): Tullio Jappelli, Mario Padula, Renata Bottazzi
DP4748 23 November 2004 School Choice and Quality
Author(s): Tullio Jappelli, Daniele Checchi
DP4542 23 August 2004 Health Care Quality and Economic Inequality
Author(s): Tullio Jappelli, Guglielmo Weber, Luigi Pistaferri
DP4395 23 June 2004 Financial Market Integration and Economic Growth in the EU
Author(s): Luigi Guiso, Marco Pagano, Tullio Jappelli, Mario Padula