Jens Südekum

Discussion Papers

DP16468 17 August 2021 Place-based policies – how to do them and why
Author(s): Jens Südekum
DP15080 22 July 2020 Robots and the rise of European superstar firms
Author(s): Jens Südekum, Joel Stiebale, Nicole Woessner
DP13347 30 November 2018 Matching In Cities
Author(s): Wolfgang Dauth, Sebastian Findeisen, Enrico Moretti, Jens Südekum
DP12875 17 April 2018 Fiscal Transfers in the Spatial Economy
Author(s): Jens Südekum, Tobias Seidel, Marcel Henkel
DP12306 17 September 2017 German Robots – The Impact of Industrial Robots on Workers
Author(s): Jens Südekum, Wolfgang Dauth, Sebastian Findeisen, Nicole Woessner