Dani Rodrik

Discussion Papers

DP12703 09 February 2018 What Do Trade Agreements Really Do?
Author(s): Dani Rodrik
DP12119 28 June 2017 Populism and the Economics of Globalization
Author(s): Dani Rodrik
DP11812 26 January 2017 Is Global Equality the Enemy of National Equality?
Author(s): Dani Rodrik
DP11804 25 January 2017 The Recent Growth Boom in Developing Economies: A Structural-Change Perspective
Author(s): Dani Rodrik, Xinshen Diao, Margaret McMillan
DP10808 06 September 2015 The Political Economy of Liberal Democracy
Author(s): Dani Rodrik, Sharun Mukand