Peter Egger

Discussion Papers

DP15372 15 October 2020 China's Dazzling Transport-infrastructure Growth: Measurement and Effects
Author(s): Peter Egger, Gabriel Loumeau, Nicole Loumeau
DP15160 12 August 2020 Empirical Productivity Distributions and International Trade
Author(s): Peter Egger, Erhardt Katharina, Sergey Nigai
DP14164 02 December 2019 The U.S.-Chinese Trade War: An Event Study of Stock-Market Responses
Author(s): Peter Egger, Jiaqing Zhu
DP13602 20 March 2019 Heterogeneous Effects of Tariff and Non-tariff Trade-Policy Barriers in Quantitative General Equilibrium
Author(s): Peter Egger, Erhardt Katharina
DP13341 29 November 2018 Heterogeneous Tax Sensitivity of Firm-level Investments
Author(s): Peter Egger, Erhardt Katharina, Christian Keuschnigg