Anna Maria Mayda

Discussion Papers

DP14156 29 November 2019 "The political economy of protection in GVCs: Evidence from Chinese micro data"
Author(s): Anna Maria Mayda, Rodney D Ludema, Zhi Yu, Miaojie Yu
DP12848 06 April 2018 The Political Impact of Immigration: Evidence from the United States
Author(s): Anna Maria Mayda, Giovanni Peri, Walter Steingress
DP12736 19 February 2018 The Effect of the H-1B Quota on the Employment and Selection of Foreign-Born Labor
Author(s): Anna Maria Mayda, Francesc Ortega, Giovanni Peri, Kevin Shih, Chad Sparber
DP12735 19 February 2018 The labor market integration of refugees to the United States: Do entrepreneurs in the network help?
Author(s): Anna Maria Mayda, Jean-François Maystadt, Olivier Dagnelie
DP12578 09 January 2018 China's "Great Migration'': The impact of the reduction in trade policy uncertainty
Author(s): Giovanni Facchini, Maggie Y. Liu, Anna Maria Mayda, Minghai Zhou