Anna Maria Mayda

Discussion Papers

DP12578 09 January 2018 China's "Great Migration'': The impact of the reduction in trade policy uncertainty
Author(s): Giovanni Facchini, Maggie Y. Liu, Anna Maria Mayda, Minghai Zhou
DP11001 20 December 2015 Immigration to the U.S.: A problem for the Republicans or the Democrats?
Author(s): Giovanni Peri, Anna Maria Mayda, Walter Steingress
DP10961 29 November 2015 Dragons, Giants, Elephants and Mice: Evolution of the MFN Free Rider Problem in the WTO Era
Author(s): Anna Maria Mayda, Rodney D Ludema, Jonathan C. F. McClure
DP9450 28 April 2013 South-South migration and the labor market: Evidence from South Africa
Author(s): Anna Maria Mayda, Giovanni Facchini, Mariapia Mendola
DP8389 31 May 2011 Canada: No Place Like Home for Antidumping
Author(s): Rodney D Ludema, Anna Maria Mayda