David Miles

Discussion Papers

DP13342 29 November 2018 The Half Life of Economic Injustice
Author(s): David Miles
DP12103 19 June 2017 Houses across time and across place
Author(s): David Miles, James Sefton
DP10229 02 November 2014 Should central banks provide reserves via repos or outright bond purchases?
Author(s): David Miles, Jochen Schanz
DP10200 12 October 2014 Interaction Between Monetary Policy and Regulatory Capital Requirements
Author(s): David Miles, Chuan Du
DP9812 02 February 2014 The Relevance or Otherwise of the Central Bank's Balance Sheet
Author(s): David Miles, Jochen Schanz


Books & Reports

25 October 2017 Geneva 19 - And Yet It Moves:Inflation and the Great Recession
Author(s): David Miles, Angel J Ubide, Ugo Panizza, Ricardo Reis
30 May 1997 The Ostrich and the EMU
Author(s): Martin Wolf, Rupert Pennant-Rea, Tim Lankester, David Begg, Charles Bean, David Miles, Paul Seabright, Ann Robinson, Jeremy Hardie, Richard Portes