Natalia Fabra

Discussion Papers

DP12046 12 May 2017 Product Choice and Price Discrimination in Markets with Search Costs
Author(s): Natalia Fabra, Juan Pablo Montero
DP9290 13 January 2013 Antitrust Fines in Times of Crisis
Author(s): Massimo Motta, Natalia Fabra
DP8849 01 February 2012 Dynamic Price Competition with Switching Costs
Author(s): Natalia Fabra, Alfredo García
DP6756 20 March 2008 On the Impact of Forward Contract Obligations in Multi-Unit Auctions
Author(s): Natalia Fabra, Maria-Angeles de Frutos
DP6626 23 January 2008 Investment Incentives and Auction Design in Electricity Markets
Author(s): Nils-Henrik M Von der Fehr, Natalia Fabra, Maria-Angeles de Frutos