Alison L Booth

Discussion Papers

DP1573 21 February 1997 Training and Unions
Author(s): Alison L Booth, Monojit Chatterji
DP1582 21 February 1997 Modelling Work-Related Training and Training Effects Using Count Data Techniques
Author(s): Peter Elias, Alison L Booth, Wiji Arulampalam
DP1531 31 January 1997 Job Tenure: Does History Matter?
Author(s): Alison L Booth, Carlos Garcia-Serrano, Marco Francesconi
DP1470 30 September 1996 Who Gets Over the Training Hurdle? A Study of the Training Experiences of Young Men and Women in Britain
Author(s): Alison L Booth, Wiji Arulampalam
DP1347 18 March 1996 Firing Costs, Unions and Employment
Author(s): Alison L Booth