Reto Foellmi

Discussion Papers

DP15019 09 July 2020 Currency appreciation, distance to border and price changes: Evidence from Swiss retail prices
Author(s): Reto Foellmi, Adrian Jäggi, Fabian Schnell
DP13538 16 February 2019 Harmful Pro-Competitive Effects of Trade in Presence of Credit Market Frictions
Author(s): Reto Foellmi, Manuel Oechslin
DP10452 01 March 2015 A Dynamic North-South Model of Demand-Induced Product Cycles
Author(s): Reto Foellmi, Sandra Hanslin, Andreas Kohler
DP10391 01 February 2015 Innovation and Trade in the Presence of Credit Constraints
Author(s): Reto Foellmi, Alexa Tiemann, Stefan Legge
DP10006 01 June 2014 Volatile Top Income Shares in Switzerland? Reassessing the Evolution Between 1981 and 2009
Author(s): Reto Foellmi, Isabel Z. Martínez