Jean-Marie Baland

Discussion Papers

DP15128 03 August 2020 The Stopping Rule and Gender selective mortality: World Evidence.
Author(s): Jean-Marie Baland, Guilhem Cassan, Francois Woitrin
DP14059 16 October 2019 “Too young to die”. Deprivation measures combining poverty and premature mortality
Author(s): Jean-Marie Baland, Benoit Decerf, Guilhem Cassan
DP10944 22 November 2015 Socially Disadvantaged Groups and Microfinance in India
Author(s): Rohini Somanathan, Jean-Marie Baland,
DP10945 22 November 2015 The economic consequences of mutual help in extended families
Author(s): Jean-Marie Baland, Catherine Guirkinger, Isabelle Bonjean, Roberta Ziparo
DP9394 17 March 2013 Firewood Collections and Economic Growth in Rural Nepal 1995-2010: Evidence from a Household Panel
Author(s): Dilip Mookherjee, Jean-Marie Baland, Francois Libois