Juan J. Dolado

Discussion Papers

DP13475 22 January 2019 Dual Labour Markets Revisited
Author(s): Samuel Bentolila, Juan J. Dolado, Juan Jimeno
DP12734 19 February 2018 Monetary Policy and Inequality under Labor Market Frictions and Capital-Skill Complementarity
Author(s): Juan J. Dolado, Gergo Motyovszki, Evi Pappa
DP12716 12 February 2018 Quantile Factor Models
Author(s): Juan J. Dolado, Liang Chen, Jesus Gonzalo
DP11367 30 June 2016 The Changing Nature of Gender Selection into Employment: Europe over the Great Recession
Author(s): Juan J. Dolado, , Linas Tarasonis
DP11030 27 December 2015 Moving towards a Single Labour Contract: Transition vs. Steady-state
Author(s): Juan J. Dolado, Etienne Lale, Nawid Siassi