Kym Anderson

Discussion Papers

DP6436 24 August 2007 Distortions to Agricultural Incentives in Australia Since World War II
Author(s): Kym Anderson, Peter J Lloyd, Donald Maclaren
DP5567 22 March 2006 WTO's Doha Cotton Initiative: A Tale of Two Issues
Author(s): Kym Anderson, Ernesto Valenzuela
DP5568 22 March 2006 GM Cotton Adoption, Recent and Prospective: A Global CGE Analysis of Economic Impacts
Author(s): Kym Anderson, Lee Ann Jackson, Ernesto Valenzuela
DP5569 22 March 2006 The Relative Importance of Global Agricultural Subsidies and Market Access
Author(s): Kym Anderson, Will Martin, Ernesto Valenzuela
DP5337 03 November 2005 Do Global Trade Distortions Still Harm Developing Country Farmers?
Author(s): Kym Anderson, Ernesto Valenzuela