Philipp Schmidt-Dengler

Discussion Papers

DP10983 13 December 2015 Competition in Treasury Auctions
Author(s): Christine Zulehner, Philipp Schmidt-Dengler, Helmut Elsinger
DP10771 16 August 2015 Information and Price Dispersion: Theory and Evidence
Author(s): Philipp Schmidt-Dengler, Nicolas Schutz, Christoph Weiss, Dieter Pennerstorfer, Biliana Yontcheva
DP10183 05 October 2014 The Role of Card Acceptance in the Transaction Demand for Money
Author(s): Philipp Schmidt-Dengler, Helmut Stix, Kim P. Huynh
DP3965 23 July 2003 Identification and Estimation of Dynamic Games
Author(s): Martin Pesendorfer, Philipp Schmidt-Dengler