Paolo Surico

Discussion Papers

DP15101 26 July 2020 The Distributional Impact of the Pandemic
Author(s): Sinem Hacioglu, Diego Känzig, Paolo Surico
DP14733 08 May 2020 Consumption in the time of Covid-19: Evidence from UK transaction data
Author(s): Paolo Surico, Diego Känzig, Sinem Hacioglu
DP14118 12 November 2019 Capital, Income Inequality, and Consumption: the Missing Link
Author(s): Florin Ovidiu Bilbiie, Diego Känzig, Paolo Surico
DP13304 06 November 2018 Regional Transfer Multipliers
Author(s): Raphael Corbi, Elias Papaioannou, Paolo Surico
DP11829 05 February 2017 The Consumption Response to Positive and Negative Income Changes
Author(s): Paolo Surico, Philip Bunn, Kate Reinold, Jeanne LeRoux