Kristian Behrens

Discussion Papers

DP15669-2 21 August 2021 Working from home: Too much of a good thing?
Author(s): Kristian Behrens, Sergey Kichko, Jacques-François Thisse
DP15470 19 November 2020 Prime locations
Author(s): Gabriel Ahlfeldt, Thilo Albers, Kristian Behrens
DP13946 21 August 2019 Intersectoral linkages: Good shocks, bad outcomes?
Author(s): Kristian Behrens, Sergey Kichko, Philip Ushchev
DP13296-2 16 January 2019 Gentrification and pioneer businesses
Author(s): Kristian Behrens, Brahim Boualam, Julien Martin, Florian Mayneris
DP12184 26 July 2017 Are clusters resilient? Evidence from Canadian textile industries
Author(s): Julien Martin, Brahim Boualam, Kristian Behrens