Paola Giuliano

Discussion Papers

DP16569 21 September 2021 Herding, Warfare, and A Culture of Honor: Global Evidence
Author(s): Yiming Cao, Benjamin Enke, Armin Falk, Paola Giuliano, Nathan Nunn
DP15933 16 March 2021 Diversity in Schools: Immigrants and the Educational Performance of U.S. Born Students
Author(s): David Figlio, Paola Giuliano, Riccardo Marchingiglio, Umut Ozek, Paola Sapienza
DP14784-4 14 March 2021 The Seeds of Ideology: Historical Immigration and Political Preferences in the United States
Author(s): Paola Giuliano, Marco Tabellini
DP15638 05 January 2021 The Family Origin of the Math Gender Gap is a White Affluent Phenomenon
Author(s): Gaia Dossi, David Figlio, Paola Giuliano, Paola Sapienza
DP15362 12 October 2020 Historical Data: Where to Find Them, How to Use Them
Author(s): Paola Giuliano, Andrea Matranga


Policy Insights