Paola Giuliano

Discussion Papers

DP15185 19 August 2020 Gender and Culture
Author(s): Paola Giuliano
DP15140 06 August 2020 Who Voted for Trump? Populism and Social Capital
Author(s): Paola Giuliano, Romain Wacziarg
DP14413 16 February 2020 The Cultural Origin of Saving Behavior
Author(s): Joan Costa Font, Paola Giuliano, Berkay Ozcan
DP14302 12 January 2020 The cost of being too patient
Author(s): Paola Giuliano, Paola Sapienza
DP13504 02 February 2019 Born in the Family: Preferences for Boys and the Gender Gap in Math
Author(s): Gaia Dossi, David Figlio, Paola Giuliano, Paola Sapienza