Lucrezia Reichlin

Discussion Papers

DP17111 15 March 2022 Monitoring the Economy in Real Time: Trends and Gaps in Real Activity and Prices
Author(s): Thomas Hasenzagl, Filippo Pellegrino, Lucrezia Reichlin, Giovanni Ricco
DP16138 11 May 2021 Monetary-Fiscal Crosswinds in the European Monetary Union
Author(s): Lucrezia Reichlin, Giovanni Ricco, Matthieu Tarbé
DP14323 16 January 2020 Nowcasting German GDP
Author(s): Paolo Andreini, Thomas Hasenzagl, Lucrezia Reichlin, Charlotte Senftleben-König, Till Strohsal
DP14322 16 January 2020 Financial Variables as Predictors of Real Growth Vulnerability
Author(s): Lucrezia Reichlin, Giovanni Ricco, Thomas Hasenzagl
DP13016 28 June 2018 Financial and Fiscal Interaction in the Euro Area Crisis: This Time was Different
Author(s): Alberto Caruso, Lucrezia Reichlin, Giovanni Ricco


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