Michèle Tertilt

Discussion Papers

DP16271 16 June 2021 Status Externalities and Low Birth Rates in Korea
Author(s): Seongeun Kim, Michèle Tertilt, Minchul Yum
DP15962 25 March 2021 From Mancession to Shecession: Women's Employment in Regular and Pandemic Recessions
Author(s): Titan Alon, Sena Coskun, Matthias Doepke, David Koll, Michèle Tertilt
DP15570 17 December 2020 Consumer Credit with Over-Optimistic Borrowers
Author(s): Florian Exler, Igor Livshits, Jim MacGee, Michèle Tertilt
DP15149 10 August 2020 This Time It’s Different: The Role of Women’s Employment in a Pandemic Recession
Author(s): Michèle Tertilt, Matthias Doepke, Titan Alon, Jane Olmstead-Rumsey
DP14882 12 June 2020 The Short-Run Macro Implications of School and Child-Care Closures
Author(s): Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, Moritz Kuhn, Michèle Tertilt