Shlomo Weber

Discussion Papers

DP12814 24 March 2018 The Value of a Statistical Life in a Dictatorship: Evidence from Stalin
Author(s): Shlomo Weber, Castaneda Dower, Andrei Markevich
DP11529 23 September 2016 Ranking Languages in the European Union:Before and after Brexit
Author(s): Shlomo Weber, Victor Ginsburgh, Juan D. Moreno-Ternero
DP11528 23 September 2016 A simple characterization of the family of diversity indices
Author(s): Shlomo Weber, Denis Davydov
DP11527 23 September 2016 Valence influence in electoral competition with rank objectives
Author(s): Shlomo Weber, Alexander Shapoval, Zakharov Alexei, Zakharov Alexei
DP11526 23 September 2016 Immigration Policies, Labor Complementarities, Population Size and Cultural Frictions: Theory and Evidence
Author(s): Shlomo Weber, Thomas Osang