Stephen Machin

Discussion Papers

DP13768 30 May 2019 Trade and Worker Deskilling
Author(s): Rui Costa, Swati Dhingra, Stephen Machin
DP13743 20 May 2019 Jihadi Attacks, Media and Local Hate Crime
Author(s): Ria Ivandic, Tom Kirchmaier, Stephen Machin
DP13408 21 December 2018 Rent Sharing and Inclusive Growth
Author(s): Brian Bell, Pawel Bukowski, Stephen Machin
DP13162 06 September 2018 Why Does Education Reduce Crime?
Author(s): Brian Bell, Rui Costa, Stephen Machin
DP12919 07 May 2018 Changing the Structure of Minimum Wages: Firm Adjustment and Wage Spillovers
Author(s): Stephen Machin, Giulia Giupponi