Andrea Prat

Discussion Papers

DP14066 19 October 2019 Competing Models
Author(s): José Luis Montiel Olea , Pietro Ortoleva, Mallesh Pai, Andrea Prat
DP13513 06 February 2019 Organizational Capital, Corporate Leadership, and Firm Dynamics
Author(s): Wouter Dessein, Andrea Prat
DP12426 06 November 2017 Where Do People Get Their News?
Author(s): Andrea Prat, Patrick Kennedy
DP11960 13 April 2017 CEO Behavior and Firm Performance
Author(s): Andrea Prat, Stephen Hansen, Raffaella Sadun, Oriana Bandiera
DP11724 23 December 2016 Do women respond less to performance pay? Building evidence from multiple experiments
Author(s): Oriana Bandiera, Greg Fischer, Andrea Prat, Erina Ytsma