Ron Kaniel

Discussion Papers

DP10285 07 December 2014 Are Retail Traders Compensated for Providing Liquidity?
Author(s): David Sraer, Ron Kaniel, Jean-Noël Barrot
DP8773 01 January 2012 Why Do Institutional Investors Chase Return Trends?
Author(s): Ron Kaniel, Aydogan Alt, Uzi Yoeli
DP8578 01 September 2011 The delegated Lucas tree
Author(s): Ron Kaniel, Péter Kondor
DP8259 21 February 2011 Individual Investor Trading and Return Patterns around Earnings Announcements
Author(s): Sheridan Titman, Ron Kaniel, Shuming Liu, Gideon Saar
DP7453 23 September 2009 Equilibrium Prices in the Presence of Delegated Portfolio Management
Author(s): Domenico Cuoco, Ron Kaniel