Diego Puga

Discussion Papers

DP13615 24 March 2019 Calling from the outside: The role of networks in residential mobility
Author(s): Konstantin Buechel, Maximilian v. Ehrlich, Diego Puga, Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal
DP10282 07 December 2014 Urban land use
Author(s): Gilles Duranton, Diego Puga
DP9590 11 August 2013 The growth of cities
Author(s): Gilles Duranton, Diego Puga
DP9243 02 December 2012 Learning by working in big cities
Author(s): Diego Puga, Jorge De la Roca
DP9076 05 August 2012 International trade and institutional change: Medieval Venice's response to globalization
Author(s): Diego Puga, Daniel Trefler