Pierre-Olivier Weill

Discussion Papers

DP15231 30 August 2020 Corporate Bond Liquidity During the COVID-19 Crisis
Author(s): Mahyar Kargar, Benjamin Lester, David Lindsay, Shuo Liu, Pierre-Olivier Weill, Diego Zúñiga
DP14847 04 June 2020 The search theory of OTC markets
Author(s): Pierre-Olivier Weill
DP14274 05 January 2020 Heterogeneity in Decentralized Asset Markets
Author(s): Julien Hugonnier, Benjamin Lester, Pierre-Olivier Weill
DP14258 28 December 2019 A Theory of Participation in OTC and Centralized Markets
Author(s): Jerome Dugast, Semih Uslu, Pierre-Olivier Weill
DP14257 28 December 2019 Incentive Constrained Risk Sharing, Segmentation, and Asset Pricing
Author(s): Bruno Biais, Johan Hombert, Pierre-Olivier Weill