Charles Wyplosz

Discussion Papers

DP14431 21 February 2020 What’s Wrong with Fiscal Space?
Author(s): Charles Wyplosz
DP14010 18 September 2019 Public Debt Sustainability
Author(s): Xavier Debrun, Jonathan D. Ostry, Tim Willems, Charles Wyplosz
DP6454 23 September 2007 Interest Rate Signals and Central Bank Transparency
Author(s): Charles Wyplosz, Pierre Gosselin,
DP5866 01 October 2006 A Common Pool Theory of Deficit Bias Correction
Author(s): Charles Wyplosz, Signe Krogstrup
DP5666 02 May 2006 How Much Information Should Interest Rate-Setting Central Banks Reveal?
Author(s): Charles Wyplosz, Aileen Gosselin-Lotz, Pierre Gosselin


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